Facial skincare range BELLE EN ÉTÉ

The essentials for Summer

Dry to oily skin

146.00 CHF Incl.VAT

WHAT WOMEN SAY ABOUT IT : Complete and multi-action products. You do not need to have many products in your bathroom, BÉNÉDICTE’s 4 essentials are enough. This Summer facial care range is effective, simple and fast and brings together the essentials to take care of your skin effectively during Summer! It includes a cleansing foam, a cream, a scrub and a mask.

WHY SHOULD WE USE IT ? This is your chance to discover 4 essential products required for a complete beauty routine which are adapted to your skin’s needs during Summer, for a beautiful, healthy, balanced and radiant skin this season !

WHEN TO USE IT ? All Summer long, from June until September.

This product is developed and manufactured in Switzerland and in accordance with European regulation n°1223/2009. Multiple tests are carried out to guarantee skin tolerance and eye safety.

All BÉNÉDICTE products contain only ingredients that are guaranteed «healthy» for the skin, selected with the greatest care. Formulated with more than 90% of natural origin ingredients, without paraben, silicone or mineral oils. Not tested on animals.

These skincare products are among the highest quality products due to the amount of active ingredients contained in them.

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