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Our creams for each season

To have beautiful, sublime skin all year round, we need to apply specific facial care products every day that are perfectly adapted to our skin’s needs.

Why using a face cream in a beauty routine?

A face cream is the specific daily care that is essential in a beauty routine because it provides the skin with essential active ingredients that nourish it and guarantee its balance day after day. Its role is doubly important since the face cream must also moisturise the skin and maintain sufficient water in the tissues to keep it supple and plump and prevent tightness. BÉNÉDICTE face creams have an intense and long-lasting moisturising power, ideal for providing a real feeling of comfort throughout the day. An effective face cream is able to nourish, moisturise and fully protect your skin from skin aging as the seasons change, knowing that external factors are mainly responsible for skin damages.

How to use a face cream?

Every morning and every evening, after having perfectly cleansed your skin with a cleanser such as BÉNÉDICTE’s delicate cleansing foam, which leaves your skin divinely clean and soft, simply apply the face cream to the whole of your face and neck, massaging it in with circular movements, until the active ingredients have completely penetrated the skin.

How to choose the face cream that is perfectly adapted to your skin’s needs?

With BÉNÉDICTE, choosing the face cream that your skin exactly needs at the moment becomes simple and straightforward! Just follow the natural cycle of the seasons. With the winter, spring, summer and autumn face creams, you can be sure that you are always applying a care product that is perfectly adapted to your skin’s needs. You are offering your skin a unique, natural and 100% healthy selection of active ingredients that will perfectly target the problems and characteristics of your skin that vary with the seasons!

Each of the BÉNÉDICTE face creams has been specifically formulated by its biochemist creator, Bénédicte. The creams are highly concentrated in active ingredients to make them complete and ultra-effective face care products. A BÉNÉDICTE face cream is a multi-action care product that is a day cream, a night cream, a serum and an eye contour.

The simplicity and simplification of the number of products in her bathroom are current values that Bénédicte shares and encourages. Bénédicte’s mission is to do the right thing every day, with “less” but “better” facial care so that every day the skin is healthy, balanced and effectively protected from the effects of time.

BÉNÉDICTE, Beautiful Skin in All Seasons…

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